Defense with the BoomPick

Here we go again, new comics tomorrow and Christmas creeping ever so closer. Before you know it this month will have come and gone, bringing a new year and all the comic goodness that comes with it in the form of the Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern movies. Lately it has been really good to be a comic fan with it seeming like a new Golden Age for comics going on. My pick today seems like it goes right along with the recent push featuring the other guys/new superheroes from IDW Publishing and is Next Men #1.

From the fantastic mind of John Byrne comes a new adventure for those plucky few to have survived Project Next Men. Beginning all again with new friends, villains and adventures that will pick at the fabric of time itself. For all you comic fans that hate getting into a comic after it’s been going on for awhile, after finding out how kickass it is from friends this is your time to jump in to this one.