Defense with the BoomPick

Hey look new comics and the best thing to do with new comics is to read them of course. Unless you are one of those people who likes to buy comics and use them as wrapping paper or wallpaper...who knows they have many uses, but reading them is the best use. With new comics coming out tomorrow I have do my pick of the week today and felt it’s been a long time since picking a comic on one of my favorite comic characters. Yes I'm talking about Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth himself as he continues his journey to crack jokes, shoot guns and do some good (good in his mind at least). Out tomorrow is Deadpool #30 and he is up to the usual antics that make reading a Deadpool comic so enjoyable.

Deadpool has lead a damn interesting life. From a member of Weapon X to freelance Mercenary and even a stint as a Las Vegas casino guard a few issues back. This next issue has him doing the protection job instead of his usual shoot some, shoot some more then fire a couple more shots and see who’s left. The twist of it is that he is protecting vampires. I foresee Deadpool getting into even more wacky situations and close calls. Come on though it’s Deadpool. What sort of situation exists that he can’t get out of? Make sure to pick this one up tomorrow to see what he is going to get into next.