Defense with the BoomPick

Another day gone by, another work week to get through. The week sandwiched between Christmas and New Years is a rough one for a lot of folks, but comics can always bring some cheer into your life. Even during this week they are still churning out new ones. For tomorrow my pick is coming from Marvel about a character I think is one of the most messed up kinds to have in a comic. No I am not talking about Deadpool (he's pretty messed up in his own right) but Carnage and his comic Carnage #2.

If you thought the Venom symbiote was brutal you haven’t seen anything until Carnage comes along and boy does he come back ready to bring the pain. The streets of New York are flooded with panic stricken people trying to get out of his way. Meanwhile it’s up to Spider-man and Iron Man to deal with Carnage and get him under control before he destroys the entire city. Will these two superheroes be able to handle Carnage and stop him from the chaos he brings or could the villain win this one?