Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

We had another peaceful week with no real problems except for a zombie here or there, but nothing to serious. In the space of quiet we were actually able to build up the buildings that were destroyed a month ago during that incursion. All have been reinforced to ensure they don’t fall as they did before, with a few hidden surprises to any would be saboteurs. We even developed some new defensive devices as well during this span that are pretty useful. I'll go over those in the tip, but first up is the news as I have heard it.

I've been hearing a lot coming out of the Solomon Islands and the uptick in more survivors arriving there. For the most part it's working out for all those involved, working together to build up big safe zones with ports at Tambea and Mbolonda Bay. With working generators and some working waterways, it’s becoming a good option to sail towards the islands if in that part of the world. That’s all I have for the news, but I also want to share a thought I just had about zombies.

It’s really weird that whenever a zombie goes to bite you they never go for the skull or brain area, but aim for an arm, leg, and neck or chest area for the bite. I bring this up because that means if they manage to bite you in any of these spots you are guaranteed to become a zombie, but if they go after the skull and brain you won’t. Odd how it goes like that, but let’s have the tip. I want to go over some of those new defensive ideas I came up with.

First up I created some spring loaded traps to help keep unwanted zombies out. One of these creations involves a wire strung hidden in the dirt to spring up, slicing whatever it comes in contact with and is sure to take some zombie heads off or at least hamper their movement making easier kills during cleanup.

Another one has a bunch of spikes at head height and a few lower to catch zombies head on with maximum chance of catching the brain. Using a lot of wood for the spikes and attaching them to some metal brackets wasn’t too hard, but I haven’t had any zombies to try them out on yet.

One other defensive measure we took was digging a burn channel in the front that forces anyway who approaches the front entrance go through it. This cannel is wide and deep, allowing us to simply throw Molotov’s and flamethrowers to just kill them all in a controlled and manageable manner.

There is the tip and news for this week. Keep surviving.