Defense with the Boomstick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Got a major storm hitting us again. This one has brought even more snow and cold temperatures, further freezing zombies. Anyone not inside a structure should get into shelter as this storm only looks to get worse and worse. Really too rough a storm to ride out on the move or camped in a tent as it will be too cold and snowy with even worse wind. This storm actually was a lucky break for us as we had zombies attacking a section of our wall the past few days. With them pretty much frozen it's been easy to drop rocks on their heads to crush them. Enough about the weather lets have the news.

I've heard from a few sources about these groups that are using the railroads that span the length of the United States. They keep the trains moving from place to place mostly for safety as they are heavily fortified, but still if you have a huge number of zombies swarming you danger still exists. They are also dropping supplies off from the government forces that the New England colony gave them and are currently in Oklahoma toward the western state line leaving supplies. I believe their final destination is going to be towards San Diego, but further away from the city picking up any survivors that want to go back out northeast. Beyond that don’t have any more news, now time for the tip.

Tip today will be about how to build walls using different materials than what you might think.

Now none of these walls are going to be one hundred percent effective, but a good stopgap to slow zombies down and give you more time to kill them before breaching your inner area or if need to escape. One example is to use cars to form you wall; removing the gas tank is your first move. Next up is to get the cars in place by pushing them however you are lining them up and slash and gut the tires to get the cars to sit as flat on the ground as possible. The gas tanks you can use to make the wall an explosive one if ever need to blow up all the cars to take out all the zombies pushing on them.

After getting the cars all lined up and with their tires slashed, flattened or outright removed next you want to line both sides with long tarps to help create a more uniformed line of a wall. May not seem like much, but if the tarp is securely tied down on the end and on the ground under the cars where it’s tough for zombies to grab a hold of you from underneath and also helps hide you and your group from sight better. I know it doesn't sound like the strongest wall, but if it's built as a larger outer ring to your base will help provide an extra layer of defense.

The main benefit of this wall is to help keep you and your activities out of the zombies line of sight, they will treat the tarped, car wall as another obstacle and move off provided no noise keeps them close. To use the gas cans and cars as a bomb wall string the gas cans between the tarps above the cars, making them easier to shoot blowing it all up in the process. If you do plan on ever blowing up the car wall do it as a last resort, because when you do it zombies all over the area will flock towards the noise so be warned.

That’s all I have for today. Until next week keep fighting and surviving.