Hearsay and Conjecture - Doc Brown's Death

I was watching Back to the Future the other night and I got to thinking. All the things that happen in the movies seem to focus around Marty and his family making every decision matter. Could his death not have an effect on the time stream as well? The way it should have gone down is his future (past?) is death, but he learns to wear the bulletproof vest and lives. That has to have some effect on the future for a lot of people, but it’s never explored, because his avoiding death has a great impact. Confused? Stay with me.

The biggest impact of Doc Brown being alive is what Marty gets from it. Because they change the timeline they are able to do all that they do in the movies to save Marty’s Kids and also keeps him from destroying his own future in that accident. In the second film they go ahead to stop his son from going to jail and his daughter from getting caught trying to break him out. Doc is saving Marty’s entire family from messing up all of their lives and giving them a happy ending that otherwise would not have happened. Then made me think what would happen to the time machine if the Doc dies.

Would Marty take the time machine and do whatever he wanted with it or just destroy it outright? He is familiar enough with the DeLorean to use it easily and has all the plutonium that was in the truck at the mall. He could really take both and use it for his own ends, doing good or evil (like when he bought the sports). Marty could have turned into his own version of Biff, running a casino perhaps...really, Marty could do whatever he wanted. He would have had a huge amount of power in his hands if Doc Brown had died, but because he didn’t die Marty had direction and reason in the form of the Doc.

Another thought is if Doc never read that letter Marty wrote him and after witnessing Doc being shot again would Marty go back in time yet again to save him or respect his wishes and let him die? Messing with the timeline can have dire consequences if abused, but can also do some good as well. I find it hard to believe that a good Back to the Future comic hasn’t been done yet, at least as far as I have seen. The possibilities are endless with the stories they can do for Marty and the Doc (or perhaps just Marty). With so many cartoons like Darkwing Duck and Chip N’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers among others getting the comic book treatment why not Back to the Future as well, as it could be a kickass comic.