MTV Geek Previews The Scourge #0

Aspen Comics does books other than Fathom and The Scourge is one of them. Written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Eric Battle (colors by David Curiel and letters by Josh Reed), The Scourge #0 centers around New York City. Not the New York City you've come to know and love, but an island of horrors courtesy of a viral outbreak that turns the residents into bloodthirsty gargoyles. Battle has high hopes for the work.

"It's a lot of monsters and mayhem and excitement," Battle said when asked to describe The Scourge's plot. "My goal is to make each issue more exciting and better looking than the previous, so that when we're done, we have a very nice collection for print."

The preview actually looks really cool and this may be a book that has some legs. You can check it out at MTV Geek as a free preview.