New Arrivals: December 22, 2010

Here we are. The week of Christmas. The big show (for those that observe it as their holiday of choice). It doesn't mean any delays in comics being shipped this week, which is a nice bonus for the comic book fans out there. It's a good day to pick up a graphic novel to settle in with when you're dealing with family, friends and lots of action. That graphic novel I'm going to recommend is Unimaginable.

Written by Tom Pinchuk and illustrated by Kurt Belcher, Unimaginable is about Stump, the appointed "Problem Solver" in a city of monsters. Stump happens to be a she with a sassy mouth that will, most likely, get her in trouble more often than not. The big question is whether or not she can handle the monsters in the city successfully.

$14.95 folks. Great stocking stuffer.


New Arrivals: December 22, 2010