Owly and Wormy in Friends All Aflutter!

Are you familiar with Owly? The lovable and affable wise owl who has tons of friends? If you're not keen on Owly you may want to be, hopefully in time for Top Shelf Productions' Owly and Wormy in Friends All Aflutter!, due in stores February 2011.

THe $15.99 is created by Andy Runton and feature butterflies, which is what Owly and Wormy really want. They think they're on to something upon returning from Mrs. Raccoon's nursery with a milkweed plant that's supposed to attract said butterflies, but instead they get chubby green bugs. You'll have to check out the wordless storybook to see if they ever get the butterflies they want. It's an all ages book, which means readers of all ages will find something redeemable in the 40-page, full-color hardcover.

You can preorder it here if you're so inclined.