Preview - Batman: The Widening Gyre

When Kevin Smith isn't getting kicked off planes (look it up) he's busy writing great comics. The latest from DC Comics is Batman: The Widening Gyre. He's excited about it.

“In a year when I got attacked for COP OUT and thrown off a plane (now TWICE, kinda), this WIDENING GYRE hardcover makes it ALL better. This is my favorite comic book story I’ve ever written, and we were lucky to get a true celebrity artist on pencils: Walt Flanagan, co-host of TELL ‘EM, STEVE-DAVE - which was just named by iTunes as one of the 25 Best Podcasts of 2010. If THAT doesn’t bring the ladies back to comics, NOTHING will.”

Currently, only six of the twelve issues are complete, but DC is releasing those first six issues as a lovely trade paperback. It should be available now, as are interiors after the jump.