Preview - Venom #1

Deadpool hasn't always been the most unhinged character in the Marvel Universe. Venom had three origins, depending on how you look at it (as the alien costume in Amazing Spider-Man #252 in May 1984, as the Symbiote origin Secret Wars #8 in December 1984 and as Venom in Amazing Spider-man #299 in May 1988). Three origins, all leading to one result: an obsessed individual with tons of power and a penchant for chaos. He hasn't had his own comic in a while, but that will change in March 2011.

Venom #1 is a new series from Rick Remender and Tony Moore and, naturally, it will have an impact on Spider-man's world. The government has Venom as their own Spider-Man, giving him a new look and a new mission to eliminate threats to AMerica. The big questions here are who's the new Venom and whether or not the government can control him. The birth of the new Venom will be in Amazing Spider-Man #654.1.