Review - 28 Days Later #18

Some people just can’t catch a break. In the latest issue of 28 Days Later Selena and Clint fall into this category as the infected aren’t the only things standing in their way of making to London in one piece. This latest issue picks up on their journey, generating more questions than answers about what is going on while they keep running for their lives. As a series it's had ups and downs, with some issues that are freaking awesome and others that left me a little unsure about continuing reading. I have continued reading though and I'm glad I did as it has picked up with the last few issues and I foresee some big events going down. For now though, how about a review of 28 Days Later #18, some spoilers ahead.

The last time we saw the pair they were making their way back to their truck they left only to find the keys missing out of it and letting them know for sure that someone is tailing them. Picking up in this issue has them squatting out behind a hedgerow eyeing to take the only workable vehicle around. The setting kicks off Selena’s sense that something just isn’t right with this picture as they stay there hunkered down all day and well into the night. Waiting what must have felt like an eternity exposed out there, they decide to make a move when a light shines inside the house the car is parked next too.

The light shining in the window is coming off of a grizzled looking man’s watch as he is waiting for them to take the bait of the car. His motives for tracking them aren’t entirely clear, but the big ass gun he is packing and determined look he has narrows them down to a handful. As the man is looking out at the car he sees a light on in the house across the street and giving a wicked smile thinking that the pair has finally slipped up. Selena and Clint pull a slight ruse to get a clear shot at the car and take it, escaping. Selena recognizes that the person chasing them may be a Captain Stiles, but the issue doesn't enlighten the reader any more than that.

A really good issue that is ramping up the action once again and bringing the two closer to their goal of making it to London. Overall this has been a damn good series when those infected come flying out and doing what they do best, but the folks at BOOM! Studios have been making this series more than just zombies. They have been showing what lengths the regular folks have been forced to do to survive and what the rest of the world does when tragedy befalls only a certain few. Some comics like to go heavy on the zombies, blood, gore to carry the comic, but 28 Days Later has always been a different style of zombie fiction. This series has been character driven from the get-go with Selena being a great character to rally behind and root for.

Writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Alejandro Aragon really brought this issue to life and know how to capture the terror of being in a zombie infested England. With the pair of Selena and Clint creeping ever closer to their destination of London you have to wonder what will happen next. They've really been thrown through some tragedies, but hopefully soon we will learn more about what the rest of the world has done in regards to the infection of Great Britain and what the role of Americans is. I'm also wondering what the endgame of it all is and whether the story that Clint initially set out to report about is going to be the same at the end. If you are a fan of the movies or a horror fan in general you should be reading this series. The book should be in stores this week and interiors are below.