Review - King ! #2

It seems like so long ago that King! #1 hit the interwebs and introduced readers to a fiercer, more anti-monster King of Rock N' Roll lookalike. King burst onto the scene at the behest of a floating heart (his boss) and fought toe to toe with Al' Apaec in a battle for a fabled Spear of Destiny. Since we're on the second issue it's clearly a safe bet that he won the fight, but the Spear is still out there. Where does the second issue take King? Read on for a review.

Writer Thomas Hall and and illustrated by Daniel Bradford have reprised their roles and the second issue continues the feel from the first. The first was something of an outlandish idea. King, a retired wrestler, is tasked with fighting a demon and preventing it from taking over the world (typical evil plot). The second continues in that direction as King is simply trying to enjoy a drink at the bar when he's disturbed by an unlikely customer: a zombie. After dealing with the zombie, King is disturbed by two new customers, offering him $10,000 and giving the second issue a direction. The duo want King to relieve them of a group of vampires terrorizing their city. The issue ends as you would expect and King comes to a revelation that things aren't over (as much as he would like them to be).

The second issue is a little less action-packed and grandiose than the first but it still works. Remember last issue where I lauded Hall and Bradford for doing horror without zombies and vampires? Well they knocked out both in this issue. It's a minor gripe because I feel we're hitting that oversaturation point as far as zombies and vampires go. I don't mind so much it here though because the enemies give King someone new to fight and look to be setting up something grander. King's character has also been fleshed out a bit here, as we learn a bit more about his past as a wrestler and his current state.

What really shines in the issue though are both Hall's dialogue for King and Bradford's illustration of King. He's definitely a smartass that is super confident and that sense oozes from the pages in reading the issue. Bradford gave him a nice, cocky touch with his brass knuckles of "Rock" and "Roll" as the one-two punch (pun intended) he delivers to his opponents. The brash dialogue is complimented well by the gritty and dirty looking illustrations, helping you to really understand the unpleasant world that King lives in.

I really like the first two issues so far. Hall and Bradford have successfully created a new character that feels original and is a blast to read. The Spear of Destiny is a good storyline and gives King more to go on than just killing random monsters each issue. Plus the idea of a floating heart dictating instructions to him is both unsettling and unique at the same time.

The book is 32 pages full color with a $3.99 cover price and is not being carried by Diamond. If you're a retailer and want to pick up the book, all you have to do is email Tom at or Tony Shenton at Interested fans can go straight to the website ( and order it online. The book should be available December 27 and interiors are below.