Review - Soldier Zero #3

Soldier Zero #3 from BOOM! Studios is the third issue in the initial arc called "One Small Step For Man." The name is quite appropriate in that it taps into that feeling the nation felt when they first saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. That feeling is tapped into when readers see Stewart walking for the first time through merging with the alien suit, making him Soldier Zero. With this issue the reader is given even more insight into Stewart's newfound powers and the potential intergalactic war looming on the horizon.

There are odd circumstances surrounding Stewart's location in the middle of the street. Odd enough that the police are curious as to why he was there and who really stole his wheelchair. The scene plays out like they're suspicious of something but they're not entirely sure what they should be suspicious of. Stewart is released (he was never detained but you know what I mean) and picked up by his brother, giving the siblings more time to learn about the suit. You don't get much new in terms of how it works, but you do get a better sense of how the enemies work.

Soldier One is the "hybrid" that was following him took on the persona of a guard, only he's killing the guard in the process. I should clarify. The actual host is already dead and the physical body is falling apart. This will keep things fresh as Soldier One will potentially need to jump from host to host, leaving you guessing as to who's really an enemy and who's not. Nice little twist there.

Stewart decides that he needs to save Lily from Soldier One finding her so he decides that as the host to Soldier Zero he can exhibit some control, forching himself to change. After making his way to the hospital and confronting some somewhat sassy CIA agents he takes to the skies. The issue ends with Soldier One confronting him in the sky, pointing out the fact that Soldier Zero isn't entirely in control of Stewart and vice versa. This sets up the next issue titled "The Last Battle."

Paul Cornell continues the writing duties, but for art Sergio Arino takes over from Javier Pina. No word as to why Arino took over, but the transition is relatively seamless. I was starting to get comfortable with Pina's art as I felt that his style really worked with the story being told. Arino's work isn't bad, just something new to get used to with the third issue. I do enjoy that Cornell gave Soldier Zero some attitude and sass, proving it to be a physical complement and intellectual equal to Stewart.

The series is taking an interesting look at the origin story and is actually phyiscally manifesting the dichotomy of superhero and identity. It's a timeless tale where the unsure person struggles with the newfound powers to find a happy medium of who they really are. So far, Soldier Zero has clearly defined Stewart and Soldier Zero as two separate entities, together for convenience. Only time will tell if they start taking on more qualities that defines the other.

Soldier Zero #3 is in stores today and interiors are below.