Riot Shell Gets More Judges

A while ago, Riot Shell announced the casting of model Yael Markovich as Dr. Novik in the comic. It was a big announcement for the burgeoning comic, but this one may be bigger. Three new judges have been announced for the next phase of the Riot Shell contest: Greg Capullo, Tyler Kirkman and Marat Michaels. The three judges will be judging the Page 5 entries based on the script here, written by Julian Lawler.

Full press release after the jump.

After the sizzling announcement that Model Yael Markovich is cast as character Dr. Novik in the comic Riot Shell, we are pleased to announce that the following comic industry professionals salute and support Comic Idol Online and will serve as Judge and Jury for the Page Five Contest.

-Greg Capullo: the only man able to take over the reigns to Spawn from Todd McFarlane and make it look even better! Greg is anxious to see what Riot Shell will be like!
-Tyler Kirkham: Tyler has The Gift and after Top Cow he now is haunting DC with Green Lantern Corps. He is eager to meet up with Riot Shell and new artwork so come on and give him some!
-Marat Mychaels: starting out as the assistant to Rob Liefeld he soon kicked some demon ass himself with his own title Demonslayer. Now he is all wired up to see what Riot Shell contestants have in store for him!

So here you have it folks! The Comic Book Industry loves Riot Shell and supports Comic Idol Online in many ways!

So get your pencils ready and send your Riot Shell Page 5 contest entries to us, have them judged by the industry's finest and get a chance to just maybe be part of something amazing and ulimately break through as the new hotshot of 2011!!!

We have released the page 5 script which is available at and written by Julian Lawler ( broken tree comics / Arcana Comics/ Koniwaves Studio )

We at Comic Idol Online hope that more and more artists rise to the occasion in times to come, as it promises to be one hell of a Riot!

Riot Shell is the (online) comic, which has the unique ability to have the most fan-support in the business, simply because fans themselves create, support, pencil, color and publish the comic. Nicita Design's Adrian Nicita created a platform ( for aspiring comic book artists to strut their stuff and via this platform chapter after chapter will become available to the fans. Comic Idol Online lets the fans decide which page, creator and storyline will be the future of Riot Shell.