The Skrumps One-Shot

"I don't even know what a quali looks like!" is what John (Owen Wilson) said to Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) in Wedding Crashers (and was Mark Zuckerberg's early tagline on Facebook). If you asked me what a quail is I'd probably respond similarly. If you asked me what a Skrump is, I'd probably look at you funny and then say wait until March. Why? That's when Archaia releases The Skrumps One-Shot.

Written and illustrated by John Chandler, the 32-page one-shot features the return of The Skrumps of Fraggle Rock fame. The colorful troupe of characters live in the imaginary world of Skrumpland where Mooch finds out that his mooching ways may not be going over as well as he would like. He decides to change course and starts giving back by adopting an usual animal, leading to the inevitable realization that he's in over his head.