Solicitation - Darkwing Duck Annual

Ok. I'm not even going to go with some pithy intro to set up your interest in the Darkwing Duck Annual. The fact that the cover features Quackerjack with a camera in a nod to Alan Moore's The Killing Joke should be incentive enough to buy the book.

Written by Ian Brill and illustrated by James Silvani and Sabrina Alberghetti, Darkwing Duck Annual features Quackerjack wanting to play with the fine citizens of St. Canard. Since it's in St. Canard, that means it's up to Darkwing Duck and Launchpad to stop whatever zany hijinks he has in mind. The book also features the above cover and a backup adventure by Tad Stones, the man responsible for creating the character in the first place.

$4.99 this March.