Survive a Zombie Outbreak

I was watching Shaun of the Dead the other day (and in honor of The Walking Dead finishing a rousing first season) and it got me to thinking that if a zombie outbreak happened what should you do? Sure there are plenty of things that could come to mind right off the bat, but the actual moment you have to push beyond that and get into action doing what needs to be done to aid your survival. If that moment ever happens this is what I plan on doing to make sure I survive.

It happens the news starts talking about people rising from the dead, biting people and spurring mass panic among the city it’s occurring in. The problem is you live in that city, making the next few hours the most important of your life so make them count. The first thing to do is to contact any friends or family who live inside the city as well to discuss a rally point outside to meet at; use email to contact them as phone lines will be busy. Designate each person meeting you to stop by a different store for supplies if possible; making sure to hit an ATM, a pharmacy/small corner stores (no major ones) to grab supplies. Make sure everyone also gets walkie talkies, all tuning them to the same channel to communicate when getting closer to the rendezvous spot.

The pharmacy is the highest priority as medicine will become a lot tougher to come by in the future if the zombie outbreak goes global, so grab as much as you can now (it doesn’t matter what it is...just take it). When you leave your apartment bring only an extra change of clothes to save room for supplies and have some sort of weapon- even a leg from a table can work just as long as you have something.

Make sure to grab any medicine from your own place if at home and any maps or GPS you might have as they will prove useful. From your kitchen grab the knives and a pan to cook with in addition to two days worth of food and water as emergency rations for you. One more thing for everyone to grab at any store or place you go to is lighters and matches as they will definitely come in handy.

Once you all meet up at the designated spot you have to decide from there where to go next, but do decide quickly as the longer you hang around the lower your survival chances go. Depending on where this might happen in the world the safest bet is to get as far away from all major cities as possible, either up north somewhere or in a sparsely populated area where you can hole up and figure out your long term survival. Don’t bother going towards any army bases or government locations. Finding your own spot is your real best option and build it up with your own group.

If you can make sure to have books and magazines on hand as it is going to be boring as hell surviving against zombies and you need something to read to help pass the time. Just an afterthought there as many other things you can do to survive a zombie outbreak, just remember the most important thing is to stay alive.