Andrew Garfield as Spider-man

I'll admit that the announcement that Sony planned on rebooting the Spider-man franchise had me a little unnerved. Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi really hit the character spot on and, with the exception of the clustercuss that was Spider-man 3, the series was phenomenal. Spider-man 2 still ranks as one of my favorite movies ever. After seeing Andrew Garfield in the new costume for the new film, my fears have been allayed slightly.

The suit has more of a gritty, homemade quality to it and Garfield does look pretty convincing as Spider-man/Peter Parker. He looks smaller than Maguire but at the same time has a little bit more of the "woe is me" look to him than Maguire had. Pundits said that no one would ever top Michael Keaton as Batman, but some would argue that Christian Bale has exceeded him in the new films. I don't think that's the case, much like I don't think that's the case here. Garfield will be playing a different incarnation of Spidey, much like Bale played a different incarnation of Bats.

The image has given me some hope that the reboot won't totally suck. Plus anything that has Emma Stone in it gets an instant thumbs up from me.


  1. I agree whole-heartedly. I thought Raimi hit the character and the feel for the story spot on. Three was a hot mess, but I place the blame for that right where it belongs: the suits at both Sony and Marvel trying to get their proverbial 2 cents in. When money becomes the driving factor over story or character, you end up with Spiderman 3.

  2. Definitely. All things considered, I think Raimi did an admirable job working both Venom and Sandman into Spider-man 3 (at, as you mentioned, the behest of Sony and Marvel). Venom requires his own movie though, so cramming him into one was never going to work completely.

  3. Definitely. I think they should have made the black suit back story for at least 2 movies. Then in the third one (or later) play the Venom card. I'd have loved to seen Raimi's take on the Sinister Six, which was his goal from the start.


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