Aspen Comics Solicitations

Aspen Comics is hitting April with the full force of a tsunami. First up is Fathom Vol 4. #0, written by Scott Lobdell, penciled by Alex Konat and colored by Beth Sotelo. Aspen Matthews wakes up in an unknown laboratory and must quickly uncover clues to her current predicament. It also boasts a 12-page story that sets the stage for Fathom #1 that will hit stores next month, a sketchbook section and never before seen art. The book hits April 6. What else hits in April?

Charismagic #2 is written by Vince Hernandez, illustrated by Khary Randolph and colored by Emilio Lopez. Aspen Comics brags that "everything you thought you knew about magic will vanish," which could hit some of us harder than others. Las Vegas magician Hank Medley (along with his cat Sparkles) find themselves more alone than ever imagined. Vegas is no less sinful though, despite the cataclysm, and the world of magic is about to erupt all around them. Not to mention Sudana trying to stop Samsun's return into our realm and force the entity back into the Void Realm. The second issue hits stores April 20.
Soulfire (Vol 3) #1 is written by J.T. Krul, illustrated by Jason Fabok and colored by John Starr. Grace, Malikai, Sonia and PJ have all taken separate paths following the volume ending battle from Soulfire Vol. 2. Grace is attempting to hold together the Everlands while Malikai is missing in action. Rainier continues his quest to exterminate the return of light as he and his running crew discover a darker form of magic that will help them. Soulfire (Vol 3) #1 sates your Aspen fix for April 13.
Finally, what would an Aspen April be without one of the new comic book darlings in Lady Mechanika? Lady Mechanika #3 is written and illustrated by Joe Benitez while Peter Stiegerwald is on colors. The heroine continues her quest to retrieve the Mechanical Girl where she must infiltrate a masquerade ball aboard Lord Blackpool's airship. The third issue hits stores April 20th. But wait Lady Mechanika believers! There's more! Lady Mechanika: Collected Edition #1 also hits during the month of April and collects the sold out zero issue and Lady Mechanika #1. The special, 40-page collected edition is something that will easily get you caught up and ready for the third issue. It hits stores April 6 if you're so inclined.