Awakening Vol 2 Signing Send-off!

Have you read Awakening yet? Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are great reads and are refreshing takes on the zombie epidemic we're currently presented in all facets of media these days.  Anyhoo, the series creators, writer Nick Tapalansky and illustrator Alex Eckman-Lawn will be on hand to sign copies of the first and second volume of the work this Saturday, January 29, from 12 PM to 2 PM at 45 North Second Street in Philadelphia, PA.

Fans are welcome to bring their copies of Awakening, Popgun or Moon Lake for autographs, get cool swag and just hang out.  If you get a book signed you'll also get an original page of pencils from Awakening Vol. 2 while the first five people who get a book signed will get a free copy of Popgun Vol. 4, which features a short story by Tapalansky and Eckman-Lawn.  They'll have copies of Awakening on hand, art prints and the promise of smiling faces.

It also happens to be Tapalansky's last signing in the US for a long time, so this may be your last chance to get it in before it's too late.  Then you'll live life with regret.  And where's the fun in that?