Axe Cop

Here's the deal. Anytime you have a character that's a cop with a particular, unique flair you're in for something awesome. Funny or Die had Good Cop, Baby Cop which was amazingly hilarious. Dark Horse has their own unique cop in Axe Cop, a man that will chop of your head with an axe to solve a problem.

Created by Malachai Nicolle and illustrated by Ethan Nicolle, Axe Cop Volume 1 features Axe Cop, his partner Flute Cop and their pet Tyrannosaurus Rex Wexter holding tryouts to build the greatest team of heroes ever. The 120-page, black and white book collects the entire original run of the webcomic of the same name. It boasts fights with gun-toting dinosaurs, Ninja Moon Warriors Axe Cop asking reader questions via his column "Ask Axe Cop." The comic debuted in January 2010 and the collection is in stores now for $14.99.