Defense with the BoomPick

Gone are the days of when only the superhero comics get high praise and most shelf space, as now the detective comics or zombie comics are rising. Comics just keep branching out into new directions and subjects making it a little tough keeping up with it all. Fear not folks for today I bring you a comic brimming with action, mystery and some good old fashion storytelling. My pick for today is Who is Jake Ellis? #1 from Image comics and it’s a bit of a mindbender.

Spies are all the rage nowadays for countries to get their info on others as finding out what an enemy is up to is always a great advantage. For John Moore, the top spy in Europe, business is booming for him as job after job gets done with stellar results. Unfortunately for him one job goes bad -real bad- and only one man can protect him and that is Jake Ellis. The beautiful part about Ellis is that he is a psychic in addition to being invisible to everybody else in the world, except for John Moore. Now Moore is running for his life from criminals with Ellis protecting him, but can even that be enough?