Defense with the BoomPick

New comics tomorrow and you know what that means, it will be Wednesday and almost the weekend. Not sure about you folks, but I'm looking forward to the long weekend coming up and will be able to catch up on some comic reading. Fortunately for me coming out tomorrow is one of my favorite comic characters, only the most badass merc to walk the Marvel Universe. Yes, Deadpool. He's back once again for another tale of guns, bit of blood, lots of humor and some downright good old fashion fun in Deadpool #31.

Deadpool is still up to his old tricks in part two of the vampire saga he found himself in. These vampires just don’t know when to quit, trying to suck Deadpool’s blood. Usually he might let them, but not today as Deadpool is going to lay down some justice on them all to prove once and for all that nobody gets Deadpool. For all of Deadpool’s bravado this fight with the vampires might turn into a showdown that even he is going to have trouble getting out of. I have to say the last 30 issues of the Deadpool series has shown him on some crazy adventures and team-ups with hopefully more to come.