Defense with the BoomPick

Another Wednesday is just about here, bringing with it new comics and the end of the week just right around the corner. With new comics coming out back in full swing you have plenty to choose from tomorrow to fix any sort of itch you might have. For the people who have that zombie itch don’t fret as BOOM! Studios has you covered for that. 28 Days Later #19 is out tomorrow, picking up on the journey of Selena and Clint as they are still trying to make it to London while seemingly never able to catch a break.

In a zombie world it seems like nothing ever goes your way or that goal you are always working towards is just out of reach at all times. For Selena and Clint London could not be further away as crazed infected are on their tail and Captain Stiles is still hunting Selena. After getting away from the American patrol and putting some distance between them and Stiles the pair have a minute to figure their next move. If you haven’t been reading this series you are missing some good zombie fighting action and a story that has edged closer and closer to a big reveal.

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