Defense with the BoomPick

Another week has passed bringing with it just about the end of January as well. Still February yet meaning we have one more new comics day for the month and a whole slew of them are out tomorrow. There's a variety of comics to choose from to address that superhero fix you might have with plenty of action and great stories. When looking over the list I saw a bunch that jumped out at me as some fine comics, but one I saw I knew would be my pick. What other comic could I speak of other then Deadpool #32?

With Deadpool finishing off all those vampires that were looking to have a bite of him in the worst way, he now heads off towards another situation. What sort of situation could that be? Well knowing Deadpool it’s going to be either him causing a problem or thinking he can fix one with a few bullets and witty comments. You'll have to pick this one up tomorrow to see what sort of hijinks Deadpool is going to get into next.