Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Back at Monday again already, another week of work and fighting. More zombies have been a hitting us in droves these last few days and I'm not sure what's made them turn this direction. We were forced to burn them around the wall and we weren't able to focus too much on clean-up simply there were too many of them to do a proper job. We haven’t had the ability to send anyone out to search for supplies or render aid yet either because of all these zombies. Not in real danger yet, but we're gonna have to look for some extra supplies soon or face some tough choices.

News today is generally upbeat as, beyond what we face, zombie attacks have been declining somewhat. Most of these reports come out of the southwest and Rocky Mountain regions, as they've indicated not seeing zombies for the past few weeks. Who knows if that means zombies have just been dying off at a faster rate or if something is driving them all towards somewhere. Guess we will find that out when radios start buzzing about a large pack hitting them, but until then have to keep hope this nightmare is on the way to being over. The large government enclave in the New England region is still seeing zombies on a constant basis, but nothing outright insane.

There you have the news not much else to report on, but who knows what will happen this week. The tip today will discuss how to find places to stay overnight in and be able to get some sleep.

Now a building high off the ground with easy exits for you and ways to block all the doors easily is going to be the best place to crash in for the night to get away from the zombies. This sort of setup is hard to come by a lot of the time so you have to make due with lesser accommodations that still offer you the ability to get some sleep. In most cases a building is going to provide the most security so long as the walls are not broken and doors can be blocked, but in certain situations vehicles can do.

When looking for a vehicle to sleep in you have to make sure they are not too damaged first off. Then the higher off the ground and more secluded the vehicle is the better and this is where large Greyhound type buses and delivery trucks work really well. If staying in any vehicle in a group having a lookout is also a vital part of staying safe, with the lookout either on top of the vehicle camouflaged or nearby in a tree to watch for zombies or kill any that stray too close silently.

If no real large truck or bus is nearby to sleep in then don’t despair. Even though it doesn’t seem like it an SUV or Hummer can do the trick. Make sure to cover yourself in the back and block out the windows to help shield you from view of any passing zombie. If you do choose to sleep in a vehicle of this size you have to maintain total sound discipline to not alert any zombies. Again, having a lookout in this case can mean life or death for you and your group.

That’s all I really have for today. Until next week keep fighting and surviving.