Defense with the BoomStick

In a bit of scheduling shenanigans, Hank McCoy (Before the Fur) and Defense With the BoomStick have switched! Hank McCoy (Before the Fur) will now be running on Mondays while Defense With the BoomStick will run on Fridays.

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Hello there. Odd day to be hearing me on the radio as I'm sure some were concerned that something sinister befell me as to why I didn’t broadcast on Monday. Well we pulled through a pretty bad zombie attack this last almost two weeks that strained us and we almost lost the entire place to them dead bastards. We caught a break only yesterday as a huge snowstorm came through and managed to slow them all down enough for us to kill them all. It was some dangerous work to be doing during the night, but we didn’t know how long of a break we had with the weather. Had to do what needed to be done, but here is the news and tip.

Newswise don’t have that much to report on as this is the first morning I've had the time to collect any information over the wires; this zombie attack was an all hands on deck sort of fight. The news I have heard today comes from the waters around Fiji, with reports of no zombies now on the inhabited islands. This news was relayed through numerous outposts so I'm not sure how old this report is, but it still sounds promising. If you can get a ship down there they are taking any survivors that want to start again there. Granted this sounds like a fantasy for most of us stuck in the middle of countries with no viable way to a boat, but you still have to keep hope more areas can become zombie free. All I really have for now on the news front, but here is my tip of the week.

For the tip today I figured would take it easy and go over survival tips in general as a refresher course as it's always good to stay on your toes. Number one rule is to silence everything you do as noise attracts zombies and minimizing the noise you make will improve your odds immensely. When on the move make sure all your gear is tied down tight so as not to jingle or snag or anything; speaking of gear keep your clothes tight not too baggy. You have to be careful where you walk in urban or small town settings with all the broken glass and trash you might step on to give yourself away and bring zombies to you. The advantage of staying as quiet as possible allows you to hear what’s around you and catch wind of zombies before they catch you.

When on the move a general rule should be to avoid any large city or suburb since more zombies are likely to be in these areas than more rural areas. A search for supplies might drive you to these areas and this is where the utmost safety needs to be taken, such as going only during the day and not staying after it gets dark. If you are spotted by zombies while searching for supplies make sure you don’t lead them back to where your base outside of the town or suburb is and have backup routes and fallback spots planned out to lose the zombies tailing you. If you have to kill any zombies while moving about try to use silent weapons to do it.  Returning to the mantra of noise attracting zombies, using a silent weapon will allow you to take a zombie out of your path without attracting more.

Will leave it here for today as we have plenty of work to get finished around here and repair a lot of fortifications. Until next Friday keep fighting and surviving.