Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Still here, alive, surviving and kicking in this zombie world. It’s been another trying week for us around here with all the zombies to dispose of that froze over after that last big snowstorm. Suffice to say that snowstorm saved us around here as without it we would have been overwhelmed and wiped out by a massive undead horde. With more cleanup ahead of us I've had time to receive more news ato take my mind off focusing on simply survival.

The news is pretty upbeat -at least in the United States- with most of the country being hit by snow and blizzards zombies have been slowing and freezing all over. This has allowed survivors to go on supply runs and destroy large swaths of zombies all over these frozen regions with minimal loss of life. I've picked up transmissions from Michigan and Wisconsin about survivor camps there clearing more areas and fencing them off for others to help repopulate. These camps are located in the northern regions of the state and they have been working like crazy to get more fencing up to secure bigger borders.

At the moment that's all I have for news reports. Hopefully I'll hear more good news in the future with more of this cold weather aiding us in keep zombies slow and frozen. With that let's have the tip of the week.

Today's tip is going to be about how to approach a coastal area or town in search of supplies that protects you while not alerting zombies in the area to your presence. When doing supply runs from the coast it's best to avoid all major shipyards and city coasts, but look for the smaller port towns to hit. Never take your main boat in unless you absolutely have to as it's better to row a small dingy or inflatable raft to the dock. Doing this method gives you the advantage of making a lot less noise then an engine would make. Stick to two or three people groups going in at a maximum; if you can have someone stay with the boat and row it out a little bit while the others go on shore for supplies.

The other person (or two people) can go on shore for supplies; I suggest two as two sets of eyes keeping watch is better than one. Most small coastal towns have grocery stores or supply shops real close to the water specifically for boaters which should be made your primary targets. Only after you check out those stores and come up empty should you venture any further inland. You don’t want to go too far inland as the longer you stay in town and further in you go the higher chances there are for zombie attacks. In going for supplies you can do it in daylight or under darkness; the time of day more depends on what places you plan on searching. As always do your planning before going ashore, because without a good plan you are going to end up dead.

Until next week keep surviving.