Green Hornet Features Kato Vision

I've been a little reticent about showing enthusiasm for the upcoming Green Hornet film. Maybe it's the marketing or maybe it's the idea of Seth Rogen in the lead role, but something about the film just isn't sitting right with me. After watching a new video about the film though (courtesy of MTV Splash Page) I'm actually pretty intrigued.

The video looks to be a clip from the film that looks at how Kato approaches a fight. It looks like Michael Gondry is actually using some really cool camera techniques to make Kato's talents shine that much more. I don't want to ruin the clip for those that wish to remain spoiler free, but I will say that it's pretty inventive and if the rest of the film shares similar effects it could really add to the movie. The clip is after the jump and the film hits theaters January 14.


  1. I'm with you Jonathan. Not a big Rogen fan here either. Otherwise, I'd be more excited to see this film. The actor playing Kato looks pretty amazing though.


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