Minx: Dream War Slated for Spring Release

Andrea Grant's Minx is gearing up for something big: its first graphic novel release. Minx: Dream War is a full-length graphic novel written by Andrea Grant and illustrated by Rey Arzeno, published through Copious Amounts Press. The ten year project hasn't been so easy though and, as most indie creators can attest to, money is an object here. That's why Grant has set up a Sokap page for additional funding for artwork, printing, publicity, and promotional materials.

The story behind the graphic novel? Minx is a struggling young artist in New York city whose life is changed after being attacked and slipping into a coma. She awakes in the alternate reality we inhabit as we sleep called Dreamtime, which means that she's no longer a struggling artist but a powerful, sophisticated warrior. She's then charged with protecting people from an agenda looking to make nightmares reality and vice versa.

There's no firm release date just yet, but Grant is aiming for sometime in the next few months. Check out the interiors and video after the jump and if you like what you see head on over to her Sokap page and make a donation.