New Arrivals: January 5, 2011

Assuming your alarm works (especially if you have an iPhone apparently) then you've woken up in the year 2011. Life is changing and we're one step closer to armageddon (if you believe in that sort of thing). Tomorrow marks the first new comics of the year and if you're making a list you could do worse than adding Earp: Saints For Sinners #1 from Radical Comics.

Created by Matt Cirulnick and David Manpearl and written by M. Zachary Sherman and Cirulnick (illustrations by Mack Chater, Martin Montiel and Kyushik Shin and cover by Alex Maleev), Earp: Saints For Sinners #1 retells the story of Wyatt Earp. In this version Earp is a bounty hunter of sorts who makes his way to Las Vegas in the wake of his brother's death. Since it's Sin City the gorgeous women, alcohol and money flow pretty freely, meaning it will be a challenge for him to bring his version of justice to the city.

The series will run for three issues and the first will set you back $5.99. You can check out Tom's review of the zero issue here.


New Arrivals: January 5, 2011