Play House WIth Deadpool

Just when you thought there was enough Deadpool (with Marvel canceling a title or two), they go and give the wisecracking assassin yet another series. Deadpool Family #1 seeks to capitalize on all the new incarnations of Deadpool introduced within the last year or so. Deadpool Family #1 combines the talents of writers James Asmus, Cullen Bunn with artists Darnell Johnson, Dominlike Stanton and Iren Strychalski. The one-shot tells three stories featuring Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool and Dogpool.

"People really couldn't get enough of the Deadpools," said Marvel editor Sebastian Girner. "We wanted to continue delivering the action-packed hilarity and the great team dynamic we've created with this cast so we've lined up some really talented creative teams to tell the stories of this Deadpool Family."

The one-shot will be in stores in April. Honestly, I think Deadpool is a character that got a little overexposed. I know Marvel wanted to drum up interest in him so that a Deadpool movie wouldn't go unwatched but the number of Deadpool titles has gotten to be a shade under ridiculous. It wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't originally planned as a series but had to be switched to a one-shot when Marvel saw that people weren't following Deadpool like before. Sure, he had a great run as a big-name character, but hopefully his star has faded just a bit and we don't have to be subjected to a million Deadpool comics again in the near future.