Preview - Fantastic Four #588

Well, Marvel has already killed off one of the members of the Fantastic Four. You probably already know by now who it is thanks to Marvel alerting the mainstream media, but I'm not going to say just in case you still haven't open that polybag. Anywho, the last step in the "destruction" of the Fantastic Four is the end of their series with Fantastic Four #588.

From Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta and Mark Brooks, Fantastic Four #588 is the final issue of the series. This one is a doozy, featuring tons of Marvel characters and the promise of a new future for the remaining Fantastic Three. The three must make decisions that honors the forgotten while simultaneously changing the Marvel Universe.

“The reaction from fans and retailers to Fantastic Four #587 was overwhelming and we’re excited to show fans, who have been chomping at the bit, to see what’s next!” exclaims SVP of Sales, David Gabriel. “It may be the end of the series, but it’s the beginning of something much bigger.”

The issue hits stores February 23 and interiors are after the jump.