Review - 28 Days Later #19

Is it possible to have a zombie comic, but have a few issues with actually no zombies in it to carry the comic? Yes, it is possible and these last few issue of 28 Days Later have been doing this pretty well. This latest issue was the kicker in my book as the reader’s eyes are wide open with the huge reveal you learn in this one. As a series 28 Days Later has had its ups and downs, with some issues been mind-blowingly awesome, while others feeling a little underwhelming at times. After reading this issue I feel the series has paid off big time with what gets revealed and it has taken a turn I didn’t see coming. Spoilers ahead, but nothing major as I want you to go pick it up and read for yourself the kind of work writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Alejandro Aragon are doing.

The last issue left off the pair hiding in a building after the American soldiers they ran into were killed by Captain Stiles (the lunatic British officer after Selena). Clint and Selena come to a plan of using her as bait to draw Stiles away from the Hummer, letting Clint swipe it and pick her up around the city. Instead Selena does a little switch in this house full of dead bodies putting her bandana on a corpse to distract Stiles and leads him out another door that allows Selena to backtrack straight to the Hummer. They make a break for it in the Hummer heading towards the coast to find a boat and take it Liverpool en route to London. Pretty gruesome opening that fit the thought with how messed up the American troops were and all those corpses, but am hoping in the next issue we to see some infected wrecking shop.

I think this series is getting a lot more into it now with the story giving more to the reader. I like the direction it’s going and after the reveal they just did I see some major battles coming up for Selena and Clint. For a zombie comic I think this might be the only one to go a few issues without having any infected in them, but they make it work pretty well. They move the story forward using other methods that still keep the fear and threat of death an ever constant factor in the pair’s future. It kind of makes you wonder, if all this crap they have been through up until now what else lays in store for them down the road? Hope they keep this level going in the series with more escalating parts and story turns. The book should be in stores now.