Review - Darkwing Duck #8

In Darkwing Duck #8, Darkwing Duck is back to doing what he does best: keeping the streets of St. Canard safe from the supervillains and a completely new threat as well, the likes of which he’s never seen before. What’s great about these comics are the amount of action they pack into these pages and this latest issue doesn’t disappoint either. Some spoilers ahead.

Since the last issue NegaDuck and Magica De Spell are controlling Darkwing Ducks from other dimensions to cause chaos for the real Darkwing Duck and ruin his reputation, turning the city against him in the process. It’s a pretty sinister plan on NegaDuck’s part after what he did to Darkwing Duck in past issues; I won’t ruin what he did here, but you should go check them out yourself as they are damn good. One of the Darkwings is broken free of the mind control spell and is working to round up the other ones, doing some nice arrow work with his bow as he makes his way to help the main Darkwing Duck.

Back at the main Darkwing Duck’s fight with NegaDuck its pretty neck and neck as Magica and Morgana battling to a standstill leaving Gosalyn to fighting a Darkwing Duck werewolf. A break in the battle comes for the good guys when that archer Darkwing Duck arrives to shoot the source of Magica’s power out of her grasp, making her lose all her power and control of the Darkwings. This is where the situation you would think gets better for our hero with all the Darkwings now no longer under mind control, but the mother of all baddies arrives to ruin that. I won't ruin the surprise of who shows up, but I'll just say that from here until the end of the issue things get even crazier and more action packed.

If you were a fan of this show as a child you will definitely enjoy the comic version.  It's just as good in my opinion and I love how they merged the world of Darkwing Duck with other former Disney shows like DuckTales. It has that Marvel Universe sort of feeling when they link the separate cartoon worlds and was a great idea for the comic. I think writer Ian Brill, artist James Silvani and colorists Andrew Dalhouse and Lisa Moore really know there stuff and do a great job of bringing this cartoon to life as a comic. Just a great comic for an interesting character that made tons of kids want to have a smoke/grapple gun. The amount of action and dialogue in the same comic is quite the feat and it works really great together.