Review - Driver for the Dead #3

What sort of job do you think involves one badass hearse all tricked out with tons of guns and plenty of undead ass to kick? A job like the one you can only find in one particular comic that was great to read with plenty of blood, guts and good old fashion beatdowns. I am referring to Driver for the Dead #3, the last issue in this excellent series from Radical Publishing written by Jeff Heffernan and illustrated by Leonardo Manco. To say they went out with a bang is an understatement as this issue was a bloody mess on a lot of pages with heads going this way and torsos that way; just action-packed until the very end with 55 pages to fit the bill.

Alabaster Graves is still healing his wounds after he was ambushed by Fallow and his minions, who where after the body Graves was carrying as well as Marissa. He now needs to kill the fabled Loup Garoux, a giant werewolf that has a cursed knitting needle that is needed to kill Fallow. This is where the guns and all sorts of weapons come into play as he goes hunting for the werewolf, calling on his hunting experience from hunting gators. Graves goes deep into the swamps to track down Loup Garoux, only to be surprised by the beast with a tussle ensuing.  The last 24 pages or so of the issue feature all manner of undead creatures standing in Graves way from stopping Fallow and rescuing Marissa.

The issue gives readers an explanation as to who Graves is and why he does what he does.  It's actually pretty cool to see his connection to the undead world and his relationship to Death himself.  It gives Graves more angles to his character than just a hearse driver with a proclivity for violence.  The artwork for this last part of the story I felt stood above the rest, just enhancing the story and showing this isn’t you average comic. A great read I highly suggest picking up the entire series with hopefully more in store as well.