Review - Witchblade #141

Top Cow, with Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic at the helm, is back with another issue of Witchblade. Sara and her partner / boyfriend Patrick Gleason are completing the investigation involving the murder of a doorman. During their canvas of the building in the last episode they had a conversation with a babysitter and the two children in an apartment in the building.

They immediately begin to think something isn’t right with the kids as they are dodgy when questioned and uncooperative. Oh…did I mention that instead of cute drawings of bunnies and trains and whatever else little boys and girls like…they drew horrible disturbing pictures of monsters?

Just another day for Detective’s Pezzini and Gleason I suppose. A normal murder investigation wouldn’t be much of a challenge for the wielder of the Withblade after all. Issue #141 wraps up the investigation. Check out the quick recap and review after the break as well as some interiors.

Wouldn’t you know that those drawings ended up coming to life due to the kid’s powers and attacking the detectives after they left with the pictures? I HATE it when that happens. These monsters are some of the scariest I’ve seen lately in Witchblade. They are really just abominations. They look somewhat like Jackie’s darkness creatures, just on a larger scale and without the sense of humor.

While Sara works on the monsters in the street Gleason runs back inside to try to get to the kids. The only problem is that there is another monster waiting for him inside, and pistols don’t have nearly the stopping power with these creatures that the Witchblade can muster. Gleason shows that he is pretty resourceful though and doesn’t get eaten until Sara can finish up in the street to back him up.

After the kids are stopped from drawing the father pleads with Sara that there must be a way to avoid having them tried for murder. I don’t know if it is just because they are kids, but she kind of lets them off easy. It seems like somewhere in the writing here it gets lost that a doorman was brutally murdered by the creations of the kids. I guess it is hard to prove that in a court of law so Sara is forced to find other options. There are always places to put gifted children…and if you want to know where and why it wouldn’t shock me to see them again…you’ll have to pick up the issue now won’t you.

Check out the interiors below and go pick up another fun issue of Witchblade in stores.