Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Coming in March

The sheer notion that someone would try to collect the top 100 sci-fi movies is simply mindblowing. Can you imagine that time it would take to actually watch all 100? And how many of them would simply be variations of the same story? A more prudent approach may be one that IDW is taking in collecting the top 100 sci-fi movies in a book in the appropriately titled Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies.

Written by Gary Gerani and illustrated by Steve Chorney, the collection features reviews of the top 100 sci-fi movies of all time. If reviews aren't enough to tickle your fancy then there's also over 600 rare visuals, full color layouts and an introduction by "one of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers." It's 192 pages of sci-fi awesomeness for only $24.99 and will be in stores soon.