Zenescope's Dream Eater Saga

It was only a matter of time before Zenescope got into the whole "universe unifying" event. "The Dream Eater Saga" has recently been announced and now has an image to go alongside it by none other than Arthur Suydam. It's the first bit he's done for Zenescope and features many of the lovely ladies from the Grimm Fairy Tales line.

It's interesting that Zenescope is trying to create such an event that ties together their characters. I have a feeling that a lot of comic readers that don't know much about Zenescope think that they're a studio that oversexed traditional fairy tales. I'm sure that Raven Gregory will be at the writing helm since he's to Zenescope what Ron Marz is to Top Cow. It could be an interesting event, made even more so with the art of Suydam. Although, looking at the picture above, you get the sense that Suydam must have been reading a lot of Alex Ross because it looks to be inspired by the industry great himself. Stay tuned.