Check Into Old Folks' Home

Today is February 23. 58 days from now Garry McLaughlin and Laser Age Comics hope to have $3,500 raised. Why should you help? Because the third work in the "Year of Fear" series needs a little capital kick in the pants to become a reality.

The Abortion and Yellow were written by Jamie McMorrow and illustrated by McLaughlin. The Abortion was silent while Yellow was based on Giallo cinema and presented in the first person. The next in the series is Old Folks' Home which details what happens when the parents return looking for a revenge on their grown-up kids. Contributions will give the publisher the ability to cover the expenses around the book's publishing, including equipment, studio costs and printing.

$10 will get you a special printed copy of Old Folks' Home signed by the creators and include unique development art in the back (in addition to a digital copy of the issue). $100 will get you a piece of original art from the comic signed by the artist and the $10 bonus. If you're feeling really saucy and want to donate $1,000, well you'll get all of the above in person at the studio where you meet McMorrow and McLaughlin.

Check out the Indiegogo page here. Full details after the jump.

We are Laser Age Comics - a new small press publishing house based in Glasgow. We are in the business of releasing exciting, independent comics that explore forgotten genres and play with the existing rules of the medium. Our books are intelligent, quirky and fun.

Our first two releases, The Abortion and 'Yellow', were part of the Year of Fear series, a run of horror one shots designed to revive the old genre, both written by Jamie McMorrow and drawn by Garry McLaughlin. Each issue has a different tone and art style, so where the first was a starkly drawn, silent, suspense driven horror, the second was based on Giallo cinema, all viewed through the first person. Both these titles received excellent reviews in Ain't It Cool News, The List and Forbidden Planet blog, to name but a few.

We are working on a number of other scripts, all written by Jamie McMorrow. The next of these is "Old Folks' Home", a madcap, Tarantino-esque script about what happens when the parents return home looking for revenge on their grown-up kids.
The Impact

Your contribution to Old Folks' Home will ensure we build on the momentum of the first two comics. Running a small press comic business is hard work, especially when all of the team members need to take on full time work in order to pay the bills. There's little profit in this - we create comics because we must, because it's what we love doing, and we hope that over time, we'll build up enough exposure through Laser Age Comics to get professional work. Until now, we have relied on dipping into meagre wages and savings to cover the costs of putting these books together, and that is why we are looking for your help.

The money raised will give us the ability to concentrate on our next release without worrying about where we'll find the money for equipment, printing etc.
What We Need & What You Get

We need $3500 (a little over £2000) to help cover the expenses raised in creating the Old Folks' Home comic book. The money we raise will contribute to equipment needed, studio costs, and the biggest expense, printing. With recent price hikes by online self-publishing outlets such as, and with other companies requiring bulk purchase, small press printing has become a difficult concern. The ability to print a bulk order of our comic would help us to promote it across the country. The money raised would also help us to market the book out at conventions etc.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign with anyone you think would be interested: on Facebook and other social networks, on any forums you belong to, and by telling people you know.