Defense with the BoomPick

Each week holds its own surprises for the comic readers out there and this one is no exception with a whole slew of great ones coming out. My pick today is the last issue of one great series that doesn’t have any capes or tights gracing the pages, but the finale of one man’s fight to end evil. The issue is Driver for the Dead #3, giving him one final battle to test his mettle.

Alabaster Graves has a tall order of business to get done if he wants to survive to old age. With the body of Moses stolen and the granddaughter kidnapped, Graves has to kick it into high gear to rescue the damsel and save the day from the evil Fallow. It’s a really enjoyable series for the fans of the Evil Dead sort of horror and don’t mind a little blood and undead creatures doing what they do best. If this issue would be your first dip into the series I suggest you go back and pick up the first two as you don’t want to miss all the story and action that they pack within.