Defense with the BoomPick

Another week gone by, another new day to tackle that will bring you only that much closer to tomorrow. No matter what is going on new comics coming out every week is the one thing that you can count on and the comics this week are looking to be good. Looking over the new releases I see a bunch that are some must have comics, but I can only put one above the rest. That one for today is from Marvel and no, it’s not a Deadpool comic, but another psychotic character by the name of Carnage in Carnage #3.

In this series Carnage is tearing up the town, causing chaos and destruction wherever he goes and with no end in sight to his madness. So it's up to Spider-man (teamed with Iron Man) to tackle this monster and the way the fights have been going in the first two issues it appears to be a tall order for the duo. The reason for the more difficult battle is the new host of the Carnage symbiote that has made it a more dangerous foe than what the old host Cletus Kasady could ever be. Always was a fan of Carnage and this comic does him some justice.