Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

We finally have had a break in the weather the past few days and a lot has been going on around the globe, much of it not good. I've been finding more zombies buried in the snow as we've shoveled, leading to a few people being bitten and making it a somber few days. No matter what you do around zombies you just have to be careful and make sure they are dead- those people didn’t and now they are dead. Now to get back to the problems going on around the world.

The news is pretty bad as I mentioned before. All the broadcasts I've been hearing the past few days are mostly calls for help around being surrounded by zombies and running low on supplies. These reports have been coming in from all across the U.S., Brazil, China and most of Europe as well. Just massive zombie groups all converging on settlements in those locations. What government forces left around the globe are throwing in to assist as many as they can with resupply runs and airlifting out if possible.

No theories on why all these zombie attacks are going on at the same time as there's no way they communicate beyond following one another when they hear a sound or see something. Perhaps it was just a matter of time for these large groups to form with most of the living being located in less places and living in large numbers grouped together. This could be a turning point in this war against zombies, one that could decide who wins in the end. Have to hope that it goes in our favor or this could be a long road ahead for us that remain. With that horrible news said, let me give you the tip.

For the tip today I felt it would be good to go over what sort of clothes to wear and how to prepare yourself if you have to go out among zombies away from a safe spot. First and foremost the tighter the clothes the better as that doesn’t allow any extra fabric for a zombie hand to grab a hold of as you pass. Tuck your pants into your shoes to not allow any exposed skin for zombies to go for. Also, your shoes should be boots if possible that will be useful in smashing zombie heads or kicking in doors. Your main focus of extra padding should be on your legs, arms and shoulder areas as those are the spots most likely to be bitten by a zombie. Extra measures should be taken to protect these areas by either sewing in more clothing in those spots to make biting through harder and wear protective pads aswell.

The best method I feel is to make your own sort of chainmail to wear on your extremities as if you use it to cover your entire body the weight could slow you down. Using pieces of chain link fence you can cut out strips to use as that added layer of protection by overlapping and binding the strips together and then wrapping them on the outside of your arms and legs to give that added edge to keep zombies from taking that bite.

That’s all I've got for today. Hopefully what's happening around the world will go in our favor. Until next week keep fighting and keep surviving,