Hulk Gets a New Rogues Gallery

The Hulk gets a Rogues Gallery! Or, maybe Red Hulk gets a Rogues Gallery! What about Hulk? She-Hulk? Skaar? Diluting your character so much for profit that you lose track of who's who? It's all good! Hulk #30.1 is slated to set up a new batch of enemies for Hulk to deal with, even though that's Red Hulk on the cover. Maybe these guys will help Hulk against the Red Hulk (hence the "Enemy of my Enemy" tagline). Who knows.

Honestly, Marvel had a really, really good thing going with Hulk with the Planet Hulk storyline. World War Hulk was also good (thought not as good as planet) and now it seems that there are about fifty Hulks running around. I'm sure those steeped in the Hulk mythos know what's going on with the state of the Hulk but for the newbies out there (and I'm guessing there's a great many) this is just way too confusing. Marvel has been doing this a lot recently, throwing out a million variations of their characters and seeing which ones sell best. Deadpool comes to mind on this one.

Hulk is such an intriguing character that it's a little sad to see Marvel treating him like this. I guess we're moving to the inevitable storyline where the Hulks all fight each other to determine which one survives, only the see the original Hulk die (and we're informed via press release from Marvel to the NY Times). He'll stay dead until he's not and the cycle of comic book continuity life continues.

Written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Gabriel Hardman, Hulk #30.1 hits stores in March.