Mouse Guard and The Dark Crystal Going the Free Comic Route

I'm a big fan of free. It's the bee's knees as they say. Free Comic Book Day is a day that has grown in popularity and continues to be awesome despite having the same theme every year. Since it's in May, we're going to start seeing more and more publishers releasing news on their entries into the freeness. Archaia is getting the ball rolling here with Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal Free Comic Book Day Flipbook.

The 32 pager is written by David Petersen and Brian Holguin and illustrated by Petersen and Alex Shekiman (Mouse Guard cover by Petersen and The Dark Crystal cover by Brian Froud). The two new stories chronicle another adventure featuring everyone's favorite mice warriors and gives true fans a treat. The Dark Crystal side is a prequel to the upcoming graphic novels of the same name and features covers, art direction and concepts by Brian Froud. It begins the story of the world of Thra.

If the above two weren't enough to get you to grab this free issue within you haul, there's also going to be a sneak peek of Jim McCann and Janet Lee's Time of the Dapper Men due this fall. AND there's an advance look at the Tale of Sand, an original graphic novel based on a never-before-seen screenplay from Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl.