New Arrivals: February 2, 2011

Sooner or later someone has to make a comic where the weather is the villain right? Up here in Boston we've been getting pounded relentlessly with snow and arctic cold, something I'm sure much of the east/northeast coast can commiserate with. Since we don't have that comic ready just yet it may be prudent to take a look at another work. The work? Candice Crow from Arcana Comics.

Written by Joe Nassise and illustrated by Angel Angelov, Candice Crow is the lead singer of an all girl rock band. Unfortunately for her, her father beats her and her sister in the absence of her mother, who died long ago. Add to that the death of her best friend, Claire, and Candice's newly discovered affliction where she gets rashes and legions when exposed to air for too long and you've got something crazy brewing.

The work is actually a hefty 120 page graphic novel so the $14.95 price is justifiable.


New Arrivals: February 2, 2011


  1. Jonathan - thanks for highlighting Candice Crow! It was great fun to write and I'm looking forward to hearing what folks have to say about it.

    Joe Nassise


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