New Arrivals: February 23, 2011

February is almost gone and spring is almost sprung. One more new comic day this month to fill your comic shelf coffers with a smattering of new books for your reading pleasure. I've got one you should consider and it's all about your typical family issues. It's Abyss: Family Issues #1.

Writer Kevin Rubio and artist Alfonso Ruiz features Eric Hoffman taking over his father's fortune, lair, robot and Abyss costume. With all that though he can't escape the supervillain legacy. Naturally, it would be time for a scandal on his mother's side to change his life.

Defense With the BoomPick
There a lot of good titles coming out tomorrow, including the new Captain America, Deadpool, Who is Jake Ellis...all real solid comics. In addition to all the greats coming out there is also Muppet Sherlock Holmes proving that when there are Muppets involved you know it will be good.

The star of the series as Sherlock Holmes himself is Gonzo and the ever loveable Fozzie bear as Dr. Watson. The duo go about the streets of Muppet London to solve cases and save the day with each issue of the four part series being its own mystery. This is a title you can't beat as for only ten bucks you get four complete mysteries with all of your favorite Muppet characters thrown in.


New Arrivals: February 23, 2011