New Thor Trailer

It was a scant two or so weeks ago that we got a glimpse at a new trailer for Thor during the Super Bowl. That trailer featured a lot of the same stuff as earlier trailers: explosions, screaming gods and Natalie Portman (approve). The new trailer has a lot of the same stuff (plus more Portman) but also fleshes out the actual story a bit more.

Sure, we know that Thor is banished from Asgard for whatever reason, but it really does appear that Thor will be an Earthbound movie. Hold on though Ness fans, not that kind of Earthbound. Rather, it looks to show Thor arriving on Earth, taking a liking to its inhabitants (most notably Portman) and then defending it against whatever evil Loki has in store for it. Typical Thor storyline.

Check out the new trailer after the jump. Did I mention it has lots of Natalie Portman in it?


  1. I have to say...there was A LOT of hammer throwing in that trailer. It looked awesome but it is too bad that Thor seemed like the least bad ass guy in it who wasn't a puny human.

    I suppose that is part of the hype. "However will Thor overcome these terrible odds?!?"

    If he throws his hammer 93 times in the movie that move will start to lose its luster too.

    I'm just being a pain though, the movie will probably be pretty awesome.

  2. what you dont want to see a hammer fly at you n 3D 93 times?


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