Preview - Black Powder #1

Picture, if you will, that the year is 1812. The catastrophic New Madrid earthquake has just occurred and Robert Young, a former captain in the Barbary Wars, is tasked with rescuing the woman he loves from pirates. River pirates I suppose as he's on America's first steamboat going against Samuel Mason. Don't remember that part of history? Well it's not entirely accurate, but it is the story of Asylum Press's Black Powder #1.

Written and illustrated by Dwayne Harris, Black Powder #1 is a double-sized (56 pages) first of three issue series that follows Young as he encounters hostile Indians, swashbuckling battles and the requisite historic figures. It all takes place against the aforementioned earthquake that has swallowed islands and reversed the flow of the Mississippi River itself.

The book will set you back $7.95 and should be in stores this spring. Check out the website here and interiors after the jump.